About Us

Our mission: To provide high quality computerized building energy performance simulations for various green building programs. Because our prices are competitive, and our quality is high, we believe our work represents excellent value.

Since we are based in California, most of our work stems from "Title 24 compliance." That is, the production of energy efficiency reports [Title 24 reports] that document Building Energy Efficiency Code compliance by stipulating certain construction requirements, while simulating the energy performance of buildings. Many national and state incentive and recognition programs as well as local "green building" ordinances use Title 24 as their starting point, and we are trained and certified for most of these programs. We hold CEA, CEPE, and CGBP certifications. We have experience on the New Solar Homes Partnership, EnergyStar, LEED, Build-It-Green, and SBA energy efficient mortgages. We can handle nearly all types of building projects.